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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about our house buying process.

We buy houses and you have questions. That’s understandable. We’re here to help! Please do not hesitate to call us directly at 647-699-1354. We’d love to talk with you and answer any questions you have!


How Does Your House Buying Process Work?

The process is very simple when we buy houses. You can either fill out the Seller Contact Form or give us a call directly at 647-699-1354. If the house fits our investment criteria, we can schedule a visit to see the house. When we meet you at the house we walk through and look at what repairs or other changes are necessary. Using this information, we can usually make you an all cash offer on the spot. If we come to an agreement on a price, we will draw up a contract for everyone to sign. Once signed, each party needs to hire a real estate lawyer and our lawyers take over from there and make preparations for the closing. You receive your money on the closing date and you’re done!
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Do you buy houses that need a lot of repairs?

Absolutely! We buy houses in Greater Golden Horseshoe that need repairs all the time. In fact, most of the houses we buy need repairs. Those are the ones we actually prefer. Don’t worry about any level of repairs. We can handle anything. This is the absolute best way to sell a house fast that needs repairs in Greater Golden Horseshoe.

Do you buy houses that do not need any repairs?

If you have a house that does not need repairs, don’t worry, we also buy those.

How long does it take to get a cash offer?

We can usually see the house and make you a no-obligation, cash offer on the spot. This typically happens within 24 hours if you are able to show the property or give access to it. We buy houses fast! We don’t mess around.

How long does it take to sell my house and get the money?

If absolutely necessary, we can close in as fast as 3 days. Typically, we schedule closing for 2-4 weeks but are willing to set it to be whenever is convenient for you. So whether you want to close within a week or a month, we can usually accomodate it. Selling your house fast in Greater Golden Horseshoe has never been easier.

Are there any fees if I sell my house to you?

We do NOT charge any fees to you when we buy your house. We make our money with the investment and do not need to make any by charging you a commission. You can avoid paying thousands of dollars in commissions to an agent by selling direct to a cash buyer. We would like to be that buyer.

If I request an offer from you, am I obligated to sell you my house?

Absolutely not! You have nothing to lose. It doesn’t hurt to see what we can offer you for your house. So why not give us a call?

Will you still buy my house even if there is a tenant living there?

Yes. Even if the house has a tenant, with or without a lease, we are still interested in making you an offer to buy the house. No problem.

What Types of Houses Do You Buy?

We buy single family houses and apartments. At the time of this writing, we generally do NOT buy vacant land, rural properties, farmland and properties on well and septic. If you feel you have a unique property that is one of such types of property, you are welcome to give us a call or fill out our Seller Contact Form to see if we might be interested!

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